Barrette Custom Molding has the capabilities to be a full-service partner for all your custom molding projects. Our highly technical group has years of experience and will work directly with you on fulfilling all your Custom Molding needs. We can assist in determination and procurement of materials and our material engineers can help you determine what resins best fit your needs. Our lean manufacturing approach to all that we do will ensure that your molding, assembly and packaging are all done at the highest level of efficiency and accuracy.

Our group is very adept at high volume material handling, possessing a vast knowledge of materials and large purchasing power. Our expertise includes in-house mold experts, lean manufacturers, buyers, systems processors and Six Sigma certified leaders.

In addition, we offer in-house quality testing.

We operate three shifts a day, five days a week to make the custom molding process a seamless one.

And finally, once we’ve provided the packing, kitting or assembly services your product may need, we can store it in our 200,000 square foot warehouse facility. When the product is ready to leave the facility, our shipping docks and rail lines will get your product where it needs to be, when it needs to be there. If you need to store product for a determined period of time, we can house it in our climate-controlled warehouse for as long as needed.



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