Why Structural Foam?

Structural foam offers the best technology to mold large and thick walled parts. Ideal for large parts that typically have longer cycle times, structural foam is also ideal for medium to larger part, multi-cavity molds. Structural foam is capable of utilizing nearly every resin used in high pressure applications. It eliminates the need for a high priced hot runner system used in the mold for large parts or multi-cavity parts.

Highlights of structural foam:

  • Lower injection pressures allowing for aluminum tooling
  • Very large shot volumes – up to 150 lbs./shot
  • Machine screws are higher L/D, offering superior mixing capabilities
  • Very large platen surface area in relation to clamp tonnage
  • The use of chemical foaming agents (CFA) or nitrogen gas injection in the melt
  • Multiple injection points – external manifold system

Structural foam will reduce the weight of your molded product while maintaining strength compared to traditional high pressure injection molding. Structural foam also has a shorter cycle time than other molding methods for large part applications.


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