Barrette is committed to environmental responsibility. In doing so:

  • Our facility is inherently ‘green’ when it comes to materials; we recycle 100% of our production scrap. If it cannot be recycled and used directly into existing products it’s sold to a scrap vendor. We have a “no plastic to a landfill” policy.
  • We have an extensive cardboard recycling program which cut our garbage dumpster usage by over 70%.
  • We also have a recycling program for all pallets received and wood scrap from our pallet shop. Nothing to the landfill, it can all be recycled.
  • We recycle a large portion of plastic packaging from deliveries of goods. This material can be used directly into some of our products.
  • Within our facility, all junk mail, printed publications and any other paper materials are recycled.
  • There are various recycling containers for consumer products around the facility to promote recycling with our employees.
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